Instructions for using the handprint kit

The pack contains a sealed packet containing the wipe and a sheet of developing paper (the label is on the back).

If you are taking children's prints, it is helpful to have two people so that one person touches the wipe and the other takes the prints.  Anything that has been wiped and then touches the paper will leave a mark on the paper, doing it like this will reduce unwanted marks.

Ensure that the hand/foot/paw is clean and then rub the wipe all over the area to be printed.  Please note, the wipe will feel dry and you will not see anything on the hand after rubbing it on.  One wipe will do many prints, but they should all be done at the same time, you won't be able to save it for later.

Carefully press the hand onto the paper and lift off.  Feel free to do more than one print, please leave a 1cm gap between prints and clearly identify which one(s) you want to be used.

Wash your/your child's hands.  The kits are safe to use with babies and pets, but it is advisable to wash hands anyway after use.

Check that you are happy with the prints, I can remove smudges and darken lighter areas but I will not create things that are not there, so check you have the right number of fingers etc.  make sure that you are totally happy with the print as this will be the key part of your piece.  I can supply further kits at £5 each should you need them.

If you are scanning the page to email it, please allow 1 hour for the print to develop before scanning, the print should be black, not brown.  My email and address are on the front page of the pack.  If you post the page to me, please do not fold it.  

I will return any prints with your finished piece and I will keep the stamp made from them on record, that means that you can order the same (size) prints to be used again on another piece, but it will be charged at the lower rate (I won't charge you twice for making the stamp).  Please note that stamps do break down over time.