Instructions for using the fingerprint/ impression kit

In your pack, you will have a pack of white moulding compound and a pack of blue moulding compound.

Make sure that the finger is clean.

Take the blue and white moulding compounds out of the packs, but keep them separate.  You do not need to use it all in one go, there is enough to do two small fingerprints.    It is important that the compound is mixed in equal parts, you have up to two minutes from mixing it until it is set.

Soften them individually first, in your hands, then mix them together, you are looking for a uniform light blue, not marbled, keep squishing it in your fingers until you achieve this.  Roll it into a ball and flatten it slightly so that it is roughly the size of the fingerprint.

Press the finger about half way into the compound* and hold still for at least 30 seconds before removing straight out.  Leave it to set.  If you are doing more than one, it is helpful to mark them by engraving a letter into the side before it sets.

You will know that it is set by pushing your fingernail into the side, if it leaves a mark, it is not set.

Post the mould to me, my address is on the front of this pack, once it is set.

I can return the mould to you if you would like it.  I keep the corresponding piece on record so that I can make further pieces for you using the same print, these will be charged at the lower rate so that you are not charged more that once for the print.

If you need further help, please do get in touch.

* If you are making an impression of something other than a finger print, mix the compound together and then flatten it to make a piece large enough to cover the item that you are using.  Then lay it over the item and press it all over to ensure that it gets right into the detail and to avoid air bubbles.  Please note items should not be bigger than a 50p piece, please ask for advice if you are doing this.