Frequently asked questions...

Do feel free to email me if your question isn't answered here...

1. Do you just do children's prints?

No, anyone can use my kits, including pets, the image from the ink less kit is reduced to fit the size of your piece so it doesn't matter how big it is to start with.  The kits are safe to use with very small children and with pets, but it is sensible to wash hands after use.

2. Can I get fingerprints from a very young child?

Yes and no... Fingerprints are not always apparent until children are around 4 months old, however I have recently taken a print from a one day old baby who's fingerprint was amazing, so if your child is younger than this age, I cannot guarantee that you will get discernible prints but you will get a lovely impression.  As the child gets older, their prints will become more defined, please bear this in mind when you are choosing your piece.

3. Can my piece have a print on each side?

Yes, if you choose the double sided option (from £10 extra) as the process of imprinting one side will compromise the print on the other side, so your piece will have to be done in two pieces, then joined together.  

4.  How are the prints darkened?

After polishing, I use liver of sulphur to oxidise the silver, which turns it black, I then polish it again to remove any unwanted oxidisation.  The oxidisation will wear off over time, it can be prolonged by giving it a rub with beeswax.  You can send your piece back to me for re darkening and polishing should you wish.

5. I'd like something a bit different, can you accommodate my ideas?

I will always try to, please send me a sketch of what you are thinking and I will do my best.

6. Can you wrap the piece and send it direct to my recipient?

Yes, my pieces will always be in a box with a ribbon, unless there is a reason eg to reduce postage or if I have run out of boxes.  Please ensure that you provide the correct address.  I can include a message to your recipient too, please add that in the comments box.

7.  What is your turnaround time?

It depends on what you order, some items may be very quick, others will require at least two-three weeks (longer at busy times) please contact me if you have a tight deadline as I may be able to complete your piece quicker.  For pieces including prints, please allow three weeks from return of prints.

8. I have ordered from you before, do you still have the prints?

Yes, I keep the original prints electronically so that they can be used again.  I also keep the stamps that were made for your original piece so that if you want to use the same prints, the same size as before, I won't charge you twice for them.  Please be aware that the stamps do degrade over time so it may be necessary to make new stamps, I will advise on this at the time you order.

9. Can I have my fine silver piece engraved?

It would depend on the piece you choose, but it should be possible to engrave on the front and the back of charms, you will need to select the engraving option for the reverse.  Please check that you write the words correctly in the engraving box as I will copy from that.

10. Can I choose more than one texture for the reverse?

Unfortunately not, it is only possible to have one choice of texture.

11. Can I have gemstones set in my charm?

Yes, depending on the gemstone you choose, there are a variety of options and settings to choose from.  As the firing process can damage some stones, they will be added after firing.  You could choose a cubic zirconia which is set within and fired with the silver, alternatively you can have a prong setting for a gemstone or you could have a gemstone charm attached to the jump ring on your piece.  

12. Do you just work with fine silver?

Yes, and sterling silver. Although there is a gold version which is more expensive than fine silver, if you are interested in this, please do get in touch, however be aware that this is a much more expensive option.  A less expensive option is to have "a touch of gold" added to your piece, this is a layer of 24 carat gold that is added by me, it can be used to embellish a small area or a full handprint (it does not work well on fingerprints).  Gold can also be added by the technique of keum bo. Please contact me to discuss these options.

13. I just want to buy the print kit at the moment, is that possible?

Yes you can purchase the kit on it's own here, when you are ready to choose your piece, select the option "I already have the prints" and you won't pay for the kit twice.

If I have not answered your question, or you would like to discuss something, please do contact me.