About fine silver
My handmade jewellery is made using fine silver.  Fine silver is 99.9% silver (sterling is 92.5%) and is produced in Japan using waste products from the photographic industry, amongst others.  Tiny particles of silver are mixed with water and a binding agent, which make it highly malleable.  Once the piece has been shaped/textured/engraved/imprinted, it is left to dry (which removes the water) and is then fired (which burns off the binder and melds the particles together).  Then after a series of sanding and polishing, your piece is finished and will be packaged beautifully before being sent to you/direct to your recipient.

Turning your prints into a finished charm
Handprints are first scanned and manipulated electronically.  They are then copied to acetate and placed on a photopolymer plate.  This is then exposed to UV light, which causes the exposed areas to harden.  The finished stamp is then used on the silver to create your design.

Fingerprint jewellery is made using moulding compound.  I send this to you to take the prints and when you return it, I use more compound within your fingerprint mould to create a mould that is the same as the finger, this is then used onto the silver to add the impression.

Once the piece is complete and dry, it is sanded to smooth edges and engraving is added.  It must be completely dry before firing.  I use two methods to fire my fine silver charms.  The kiln is used for all of the pieces as it gives the pieces strength, if you select "a touch of gold" the gold is added after the first firing and is then fired by hand using a gas torch.

Following firing, your charm will be sanded and polished by hand using the full range of polishing papers.  It is then oxidised if you selected that choice and given a final polish before packaging and posting.


You can build your own unique piece of personalised jewellery by selecting size, shape and engraving and additional extras like set stones or a touch of gold and then any findings to make a necklace, bracelet, key ring or other piece.  Please do get in touch if you can't see what you are looking for, I do try to accommodate most requests.